Services offered for Railway projects, operation and maintenance ( O&M), mining, dredging and reclamation, renewable energy system, equipment rental services


Our Core Services

Railway Contractors

railway project

Laxyo energy ltd. has expertise of four decades strengthened by highly sophisticated technical base for construction, survey, fixing of alignment, designing railway roads mapping. Core Railway services are included with bridging rail/road, steel fabrication. Laxyo Group of energy is associated with Indian railways from four decades, and had the chance to work from starting from survey design to final commissioning of rail track even on EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) basis as well as for allied infrastructure like electrification, signaling, service, buildings, etc. Besides Laxyo Group of energy is equipped with required machineries and the team to execute such type of work. Contracts basis services for Modernization / Remodelling / Restructuring of Railway Yards, Up gradation of Railway Sidings etc. for Indian Rail as well as Private parties Cement and Power plants have been executed to entire satisfaction of the clients.


Operation and Maintenance

operation and maintenance contractors

Laxyo Energy LTD operation and maintenance services are included with all the aspects essential to run and carry on work (O&M) services varied power plants in India. A distinguished service provider in the field of Operation and Maintenance ( O&M) of variety of Plants, including operation of RO/DM/Softening Plant, Boiler, Turbine, DCS, Electrical, instrumentation, CHP/AHP etc. and preventive, break down along with annual maintenance work. India based highly trusted leading Operation and Maintenance contractors delivering competitive range of services.


Mining Services


Laxyo group of energy is offering world class consulting solution for the mining industries in India. Mining services are included with comprehensive range of services from civil earthworks, surface mining operations. Our major expertises are included in minerals sector. We accomplish every project with under supervision and team having technical expertise depth knowledge for mining related services. Our team plans and work together with primary aim of obtaining the best and result oriented work.


Dredging and Reclamation Services


Posses experience and proficiency in complete supervision of dredging and reclamation projects. World Class magnificent dredging machinery suppliers in all over India. Dredging services are equipped with complete assessment, evaluation, geo – technical analysis and reclamation, specification offered at different locations across India.


Renewable Energy System


As an renewable resource consultants Laxyo energy ltd. helps you in best utilization of natural resources such as solar power, wind, and hydroelectricity by converting them in to consumable form of energy. Our vision is to save all the natural resources which are depleting over from the years. Approach is to undertake projects based on wind, farm, ground water solution, geo thermal, solar and tidal. We works for micro, mini and medium capacity power plants.


Rental Services

heavy equipment on rent

Laxyo energy ltd. provides construction equipment on rent at very cost-effective prices for a flexible process for a length of time. These equipments are widely used for different kinds of building construction and repairing. Providing a wide range of heavy equipments on rental basis across the country. Growing as helping contractors succeeding in serving heavy equipment rental. Equipment rental for construction and industrial sites. Get the excellent working equipments. Get the rental equipment for all your need on affordable costs.

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